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Repair My Beats

We all know that Beats headphones are one of the best headphones out there. However, they are still electronic devices and do break on occasion. Fortunately, despite what most people think, Beats headphones can be repaired. You just need to make sure that the person fixing your Beats is a qualified technician in order to avoid further damage. And that’s where Fixmonk can help.

Beats Repair Service

Fixmonk screens all technicians before they are accepted into out headphones repair marketplace. And since Beats is one of the most popular brands, we make sure to that they know how to fix Beats headphones.

Top 3 Beats Repairs

Headband Broken: The symptom of this problem is very easy to identify since it’s 100% visual. One of the most common causes is applying weight or force on them, like sitting on them. The only solution available for Beats with a broken headband is to replace the part.

Speaker Is Out: If you hear hiss, fuzz, distorted sound, or not sound at all coming from one speaker, chances are that that speaker is out or blown. Applying excessive force on your headphones or normal deterioration can cause damage to the speakers. Only after using the right tech equipment, it’s possible to determine is a speaker is out. Replacement of the speaker is the best solution in most cases.

Cable/Wire Broken: If moving your cord causes your Beats to go in and out, it’s because a cable or the jack is broken. Pulling or yanking your headphones cord is the number one reason of this problem. Changing the whole cable or the headphones jack will solve this issue.

Other common Beats repairs: They won’t turn on, they earpad is worn out or ripped, Bluetooth not working and others. Almost all issues can be fixed by an approved Fixmonk technician.

We Fix Beats For Most Models:

  • Solo
  • Studio
  • Powerbeats
  • Executive
  • Mixr
  • iBeats
  • urBeats
  • EP
  • Pro

With Fixmonk You Get:

  • Real-Time Repair Tracking
  • Free Shipping
  • Safe Payment
  • Real Reviews
  • Certified Technicians